Audio equipment rental

Hire sound systems from Brähler Convention

The sound experience during an event should be perfect from beginning to end. Our Brähler sound specialists take care.

If the audio equipment is used professionally, the sound can be adapted perfectly to the particular event. A concert has different technical requirements compared to a conference or a video presentation. It is also important to pay attention to the location of the event. Certain floor coverings or pillars in the room can "absorb" the sound. One has to consider these intricacies.

Our project leader selects the appropriate sound system for you based on all these factors. Thus we can guarantee you an excellent sound experience even under difficult acoustical conditions.

You can rent sound equipment from us for events of any size and any occasion.


Renting accoustic irradiation systems - sound engineer at mixing desk
Renting accoustic irradiation systems - presentation on stage with monitoring

What sound equipment do we provide on rent?

Our product range includes

  • Sound systems
  • Speakers
  • Line array
  • Displays
  • Microphones
  • Mixing consoles
  • Intercom systems for the communications between the event manager and cameramen / event management
  • Transmission systems (OB van or live stream)
  • Effect devices
  • Power amplifiers
  • Amplifiers
  • Playback equipment

We provide audio recordings and offer transmission options for radio and television.

Choose your contact partner

Cologne / Bonn
Tobias Maier Director Convention International at Brähler

Executive Board Member:

Tobias Maier
Steffen Fricke Branch Manager Brähler Berlin

Head of branch office Berlin:

Steffen Fricke
Johannes Altmann
Oliver Ludwig Branch Manager Brähler Munich

Head of branch office Munich:

Oliver Ludwig
Christian Schütze
Hendrik Eibisch Branch Manager Brähler Dresden

Head of Branch Office Dresden:

Hendrik Eibisch
Dennis Sandvoß Branch Manager Brähler Magdeburg

Project Manager:

Dennis Sandvoß
Tobias Maier Director Convention International at Brähler

Executive Board Member:

Tobias Maier

We rely on the following quality brands when renting audio equipment

Brähler, Meyer Sound, Sennheiser, Soundcraft, L-Acoustics

Our tip for podium discussions

For podium discussions, monitoring for the speakers is important so that they can understand the questions from the audience.

In conferences having large sound systems, small speakers should be installed at the edge of the stage for the first row of the audience.

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