Safety Concepts

Brähler Convention's safety concept for your event's success

The event organiser is responsible for the safety and integrity of your guests. To ensure this, a comprehensive safety concept has to be developed as part of the event planning.

Such a concept provides safety and a risk-free course of the event. With our team of safety concept and technical management specialists for all kinds of events, we help you in coping with your responsibility.

Setup of an event in regards to the security concept
Implementation of the security concept at the Sparkassentag in Dresden

We provide you with customised safety concepts

Are you planning a big event? Has your guests' safety a top priority for you? Then contact us to get a customised safety concept developed for your event. We will provide you with advice and offer the following services in the area of event safety:

  • Customised safety concepts for more than 5000 people (unless risk assessment generally stipulates it)
  • Preparing a risk assessment
  • Defining and implementing specific safety measures
  • Advise on usage change request
  • Coordination with all the players, considering the necessary safety measures

Developing a customised safety concept enables us to evaluate all the basic conditions and to appropriately define measures required for the integrity of our guests. Thus, as an event organiser, we provide the maximum event safety so that your image is not at risk.

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Tobias Maier Director Convention International at Brähler

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Tobias Maier

Pattern of a safety concept

Safety concepts for events / large events always follow a general pattern, the content of which is individually designed and customised to the existing conditions and the type of event.

The main elements of a safety concept pattern include the description of the events, the assessment of potential risk factors and hazardous goods as well as the measures to be taken.

The contact persons and their availabilities are also defined. The objective is to generate event safety based on an individually structured safety concept and to be able to re-assess again for new event concepts.

A safety concept covers three categories:

1: Event description

2: Structures

3: Risk analysis, scenarios, measures

Category 3 provides interfaces between the involved public authorities, the organiser and other involved third parties within the mentioned elements, in order to act in a process-oriented manner.

Your benefit from a safety concept

In addition to the integrity and general safety of your guests, a customized safety concept for an event gives you a lot of protection.

Our safety concepts based on the country-specific usage and venue regulations, ensure a transparent, binding and comparable relationship between the organiser and the public authorities. By preparing a safety concept, you also get a very useful document in terms of liability insurance. The consensus as well as the effectiveness of the safety concept are ensured by obtaining the signatures of the involved parties.

Please do get in touch with us today in order to determine the safety of your upcoming event and to get a safety concept developed from Brähler Convention.