Network Planning

Event technology requires a professional network

As a matter of fact, an optimally-setup network is part of professional event planning nowadays.

Network technology is essential because of the increasing digitalisation of the terminal devices. Wireless microphones, amplifiers or mixers require individual network planning since they need to be interconnected, remotely operated and controlled.

IP ranges or different systems have to be made to work in one network and they have to be organised via V-LANs. The exception today are point to point connections.

To design and implement an optimal network plan for the event technology one needs professional networking systems and expert knowledge on the part of the technician to transmit production-relevant signals.

This knowledge and the corresponding network technology belong to the standard repertoire of Brähler Convention. Thus, we can provide the event technology network you need for your event.

View on an event from the perspective of the event technicians
Implementation of a network planning

Applied network technology

Our event technicians are experts in the field of network planning. They understand the language of network administrators and are able to apply your know-how in our domain.

Layer3 management in complex redundant networks is our expertise. Such a complex network planning requires network technology of highest quality.

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Tobias Maier Director Convention International at Brähler

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Tobias Maier
Steffen Fricke Branch Manager Brähler Berlin

Head of branch office Berlin:

Steffen Fricke
Johannes Altmann
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Oliver Ludwig
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Hendrik Eibisch
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Dennis Sandvoß
Tobias Maier Director Convention International at Brähler

Executive Board Member:

Tobias Maier

The following systems are used at Brähler Convention:

Audio: Dante Audio, Riedel

Light: ArtNet, MA-Net

Media: FTP Server, Wi-Fi networks

Your advantage of a network plan by Brähler Convention

Necessary aspects of technical management are identified during a personal meeting with you. Based on this we design a customised network plan with the help of which we will successfully implement the event production concept.

Our team analyses the network requirements with respect to cabling, switches and configuration to be used in the respective event environment. We also develop system designs with network components like topology and redundancies.

We speak the language of network planning for professional event production. Hence do get in touch with us for a non-binding consultation.