Worldwide rental of event equiment

A specific strength of Brähler is speed and global presence. We have a network of more than 50 partners across the world and are able to respond quickly.

Our seven branch offices in Germany and our global network of partners enable us to organise a wide range of events which can hardly be matched by other service providers. You can rent our event equipment at our branch offices in Germany at

  • Königswinter
  • Hamburg
  • Berlin
  • Dresden
  • Magdeburg
  • Munich
  • Stuttgart

Globally, we are present in different countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. See our global map for more information. 

Logistics process
Storage of event technology

Our warehouse logistics

Of course, we rent out our equipment in any city in the world. Our large and comprehensive logistic network with our various equipment warehouses are available to you everywhere.

Our warehouse logistics specialists work in a coordinated manner and look at every detail, to ensure that our large pool of equipment can be transported from one place to the other:

  • They plan the time required for installation and dismantling
  • Plan the manpower
  • Generate packing lists
  • Plan the trips with our fleet of vehicles
  • Considering sustainability in the process: Our trips and the loading capacity of the transporter are optimised using a mobility concept to keep CO2 emissions as low as possible.

Choose your contact partner

Cologne / Bonn
Tobias Maier Director Convention International at Brähler

Executive Board Member:

Tobias Maier
Steffen Fricke Branch Manager Brähler Berlin

Head of branch office Berlin:

Steffen Fricke
Johannes Altmann
Oliver Ludwig Branch Manager Brähler Munich

Head of branch office Munich:

Oliver Ludwig
Christian Schütze
Hendrik Eibisch Branch Manager Brähler Dresden

Head of Branch Office Dresden:

Hendrik Eibisch
Dennis Sandvoß Branch Manager Brähler Magdeburg

Project Manager:

Dennis Sandvoß
Tobias Maier Director Convention International at Brähler

Executive Board Member:

Tobias Maier

Our stage is the world

Globally, we are present in the following countries:


Belgium, Greece, Turkey, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Spain, Croatia, Serbia, The Netherlands


Jordan, Yemen, Israel, Singapore, China, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Vietnam, India, Thailand



Egypt, Tunesia, South Africa, Mauritius


Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil


What sometimes seems impossible can be made possible only through a reliable communication system with sophisticated logistics, a global stock of compatible rental equipment that is also adequate to cover any expected demand peaks, and an experienced, motivated team of conference technicians who can be globally deployed.