3D event planning – Avoid surprises

Did you imagine your event differently? It won't happen with us!

We meet your expectations. Jointly we will plan your event down to the smallest detail and thus avoid surprises by visualising all the aspects of event planning.

3D visualizations provide spatial event planning with a clear view. Using this innovative method, Brähler Convention designs your event together with you well before the event takes place. This 3D-event design shows you how the venue will look on the day of the event and considers various organisational aspects in the process.

3D Event Design of an event location
Realisation of a 3D event design

Advantages of event design from Brähler Convention

We develop detailed space plans and 3D visualisations along with you in the planning phase itself. By partnering with Brähler Convention, you get the following benefits:

  • The federal state-specific venue regulations are taken into account and followed
  • Space planning based on a customised safety concept
  • Easy planning with other service providers using 3D event planning
  • Consideration of all the event-relevant aspects
  • Many years of experience in developing and providing 3D event designs
  • Design and technical management from a single source
  • No unwanted surprises

Choose your contact partner

Cologne / Bonn
Tobias Maier Director Convention International at Brähler

Executive Board Member:

Tobias Maier
Steffen Fricke Branch Manager Brähler Berlin

Head of branch office Berlin:

Steffen Fricke
Johannes Altmann
Oliver Ludwig Branch Manager Brähler Munich

Head of branch office Munich:

Oliver Ludwig
Christian Schütze
Hendrik Eibisch Branch Manager Brähler Dresden

Head of Branch Office Dresden:

Hendrik Eibisch
Dennis Sandvoß Branch Manager Brähler Magdeburg

Project Manager:

Dennis Sandvoß
Tobias Maier Director Convention International at Brähler

Executive Board Member:

Tobias Maier

Components considered for spatial planning:

There are complex safety requirements for every event depending on the federal state-specific venue regulations. These regulations are considered and followed during the event design by visual space planning. This ensures that the first impression of your upcoming event is not only convincing but it also meets all the necessary requirements.

  • Keeping the escape routes clear
  • Seating arrangement
  • Structural analysis of stages and stage equipment as well as suspended technical elements
  • Furnishing
  • Adequate space distribution
  • Optimum light, sound and visibility

Our 3D event designers take care of the visual planning and realisation of your event

When designing the 3D event plan, we work hand in hand with you and coordinate all the aspects using the shortest official channels.

We focus on joint collaboration between you and our experts. This group of experts is composed of architects and graphic designers, and they will be glad to advise you in advance, in order to give your event a realistic and authentic visual appearance.

The first impression will amaze even you as an organiser. You can be sure of your successful event planning. Brähler Convention relies on quality. The WYSIWYG program is used for lighting design.

We look forward to assisting you in visualising and implementing the event design for your event.